italian herb skillet bread

yum!  these were seriously good!  one bite and i knew i would make these again!  the recipe calls specifically for Rhodes frozen dinner rolls but i couldn’t find them at safeway so i used bridgford brand.  my sister had told me those take a long time to rise so i started them at 10 am this morning.  also since they started so small i put in an extra roll.  it took until 5 pm until i was happy with their size.  they still weren’t as large as her picture but i was satisfied.


tip: be gentle when spreading on the butter and spices, i deflated a few of my rolls by pushing too hard. also, i didn’t have rosemary so i used thyme.  they turned out amazing!  just use what you have!


at the end you put on the 2nd half of your mixture and it makes the rolls look so tasty!


thank you plain chicken for an amazing roll recipe!


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