key lime pie cupcakes

i love key lime pie so when it came time to make something for a friend’s birthday, i was excited when she requested these

we were meeting for lunch so i started cooking the night before.  with two kids you never know what distractions will come up! the filling is a lime curd and annie’s eats claims it can remain in your fridge for 2 weeks so i started with this.


then i measured and mixed as much as i could the night before.  i wanted to run in the morning so it was easy for me to pull out the items that needed to be room temperature before i went out the door in the morning.


it took me about an hour at night with all the juicing, stirring, and of course pictures!

in the morning it took me about 2-2.5 hours to finish them (with cooking time/cooling time.)  i was constantly having to get my daughter busy doing other things so maybe it wouldn’t normally take this long but it was very time-consuming.

the batter for the cake is amazing!  i couldn’t stop sampling it! 

tip: annie’s eats says to fill the cupcakes about 2/3 full but mine didn’t rise very much and i would  fill them higher next time.


i made 6 in these ramekins, 12 cupcakes and still had enough batter to make 2 small round cakes (5in.).  1 cake didn’t have a crust.


we all thought these were tasty but next time i may just make a key lime pie!  i have a quick, easy and yummy recipe that i like to make. This recipe took forever!  i’m used to making cake with a box, not by scratch.  there are a few ingredients that i didn’t have on the shelf: cake flour (didn’t even know this existed and stood looking at the flour shelves in Safeway for about 5 minutes trying to find it!), coconut extract, and buttermilk.  perhaps if i baked/cooked more, i would actually have all the things i need!

the taste of the cupcake is very unique and makes it special.  i may make just the cupcakes with some lime frosting next time. 



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