broiled banana/grapefruit

i have seen broiled grapefruits on lots of different websites and in recipe books.  i’ve been curious about what it tastes like to cook a grapefruit so i tried it out.  i put a little cinnamon sugar on top and broiled it on low for 10 minutes. it was really tasty. i’ll try it again and would definitely recommend you try it!  in general i will probably stick with my fresh grapefruit but its a great alternative!



after making the grapefruit, i saw an old banana in my fruit basket and decided to try this same thing with the banana.  i wasn’t sure i’d like it with sugar so i only put it on one side.  yum!  sugar all the way for me; however, the side with no sugar did taste healthier (obviously) and was still good.  i really don’t like mushy old bananas and usual freeze them to make banana bread with later but from now on i will probably just cook them!




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