mini german pancakes

i absolutely love german pancakes. they are the first thing i learned to make as a child and one of the only recipes i have completely memorized. i’ve seen many variations of the recipe over the years, but had never been tempted to adjust mine because i truly think my family makes them best… that was until i saw real mom’s kitchen‘s recipe (also seen on momathon) for mini german pancakes. it’s so smart, since the edges are the best! (plus everything is cuter miniaturized)

i made a few adjustments to real mom’s kitchen‘s recipe (basically i halved the ingredients, reduced the butter, and only made 12 versus 18 because i prefer them thinner and fluffier), but i think that is the great thing about this pin. you can easily adjust it to your current favorite german pancake recipe. however, i will say that mine weren’t perfect cups like real mom’s kitchen’s and i am guessing these adjustments might be why.

i also cooked mine on 375 degrees for 10 minutes and then turned the oven up to 400 degrees and cooked them for 5 more minutes since other pinners had noted the mini german pancakes cook faster (and this is actually how i have always cooked mine. i swear they puff up more when i do).

tip: these really stick to the pan! i felt like pam (non-stick spray) didn’t do anything. i found more success keeping them from sticking by spreading the melted butter inside the tin before adding it to the batter.

overall, they turned out better than i had expected! i have now discovered my new favorite way to make german pancakes!


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