mossy accents

i think moss makes a great accent. it’s so versatile yet unique. it’s neutral enough to fit with most any color scheme yet it adds a bright pop of color to almost any room. so i was instantly drawn to the mossy accents from the yellow cape cod.

the project was super simple (thus the basis of it’s appeal) and i think they turned out great. i chose two different types of moss to add contrasting colors and there were actually many more varieties of moss to choose from if you want a different look.

the only downside to this project was the cost. it was not particularly expensive, but each package of moss was about $4.50 and the styrofoam balls were $6 (for green ones) so in total for 6 balls (3″) it was $15. turns out you can buy something very similar at crate and barrel for less (but it lacks the personal touch, right?).


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