scarf holder

i don’t know why, but i’ve never been able to figure out a good way to organize my scarfs. none of the scarf hangers i’ve purchased have ever worked because my scarves are the real thick, heavy scarves not the silk ones. so i was so excited to try this simple solution from smallrooms. plus i happened to already have an extra set of shower curtain rings kicking around my apartment.

i started with a regular hanger, but as you can see after adding only a few scarves the middle started sagging significantly. using a sturdy wooden hanger quickly fixed this!

note: the weight of the scarves needs to be distributed evenly or else your holder will end up like this (and if you’re me the scarves will quickly end up tangled in the shoes of your closet).

initially my scarves were at the front of my closet and so i was constantly moving the holder forward to get to the rest of my clothes (which would cause the weight to shift and this to happen each time). however, moving the holder to the back of my closet was an easy solution for this.


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