fancy fruit wedge jello shots

i am definitely no stranger to jello- where i grew up, it was declared an official snack- but i never imagined that one day i would anxiously await the chance to serve jello to all my friends. that was before i saw this how to for fancy fruit wedge jello shots. the instant i saw them i couldn’t wait to try them. i was so excited when my birthday finally brought the perfect opportunity.

they were a huge hit! everyone loved them and couldn’t stop asking me about them. i made the mojito ones in lime peels and the lemon drops in lemon peels (unfortunately i didn’t get a picture of them), but i can’t wait to try more.

things i loved about these:

  • you could easily adjust them for kids! (like kate did for here for her son’s 2nd birthday party). these really are the perfect treat for any occasion!
  • you can make them ahead of time. with so much going on the day of the party it was so nice to be able to just pull them and out and slice them the day of.
  • they are super simple and fast! it only took me about 30 minutes to make both batches.
  • no mess! they are so easy to eat since the come right out of the peel- no spoon (or finger) required.
  • they look awesome. for once i was able to make something look as good as it did in the picture.

this time i can truly say thanks kirtsy for one of the best ideas ever.

tip: make sure to OVER fill the peels. i literally let mine overflow and still had a few gaps where the jello had shrunk away from the edge.


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