kool-aid eggs vs store bought dye eggs

the pinner i found these from said that using kool aid would make for a more vibrant egg dye.  so true!  here is a picture showing the difference between traditional store bought dye and kool-aid used as dye:


the right 10 are made with kool-aid and the left 8 are with normal dye.  i think the kool-aid colored eggs are awesome but my 3 year old likes the lighter, more easter-y colors better.  the right eggs would make for some pretty cool decorations and maybe my daughter would have liked them better if i had lots of different colors.


tip: when buying the kool-aid, look at the picture of the mixed drink and not the color of the package.  i thought i was buying purple (grape), yellow (lemonade), blue (fruit punch – thought it would actually be blue!), pink (strawberry), and red (cherry).  as you can see, strawberry, cherry, and fruit punch were all the same color.


*the kool-aid dyed the eggs much faster (within 30 seconds) compared to about 2 minutes in the store-bought dye.

*the store-bought dye made my house smell bad because of the vinegar.

*i bought the kool-aid at a price of 5/$1 – the dye kit cost about $3

*many people have kool-aid on hand so it’s a great last-minute way to dye eggs!

thanks for the great idea hey jen renee!


i also tried this with just one of our eggs.  the tortuous shell look that they accomplished didn’t work for me.  i cooled the egg, cracked it all over but only one crack was deep enough to give it the right effect.  that crack that actually dyed the inside of the egg seemed to be the one that happened when it accidentally fell against the bowl.  the crack was deeper than just the shell, it had cracked the skin as well. i don’t think that just rolling the egg around like they suggested worked.  perhaps drop the egg before running the cold water on it to get a deeper crack.  i should have tried it again but i ran out of eggs because my daughter was using them up so quickly!



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