jolly rancher lollipops

my daughter just loves lollipops but i think she loves helping with my blog even more!  so even though you can buy jolly rancher lollipops this was fun, fast, and yummy!  my daughter loved it!


the first pin i saw said 200 degrees for 5 min but it had no link to a site (however i just found the link to the first pin here).  i ended up using the directions from cuckooking which says 225 degrees for 6 min.  she has an idea of making shaped lollipops using tinfoil that’s pretty cute but i didn’t try that.

tip: keep an eye on it around the 5-6 minute mark. at 6 minutes the jolly ranchers still looked fully formed but at 7 minutes they melted down. if you cook them too long they will melt down and become super thin. the picture below is at 6 minutes.Image

below is one minute later. my husband so kindly put the sticks in while i took pictures.  Image

tip: put the sticks in right after you take them out of the oven. also, roll the sticks like cuckooking suggests. the last few sticks had cooled a little and wouldn’t roll in so we had to fold them over.


i made these for 2-8 year olds and the lollipops almost seemed too wide for the little ones’ mouths. the 2-3 year olds got the folded ones and the 5+ all wanted flat ones.




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