cinnamon roll cake

this is my second cinnamon roll pin that i have tried in just a few weeks – yeah, i love them. my husband’s birthday was friday and he is very insistent on a cookie cake.  we had two celebrations this year so i needed another idea for the second party.  the cinnamon roll cake was perfect!  he told me he wasn’t excited for cake but when i told him what i was making, he quickly changed his mind. it looked and tasted so good.


don’t expect a giant cinnamon roll though.  i would compare the texture to coffee cake.

tip: i didn’t have a 9×13 pan so i used the pan just smaller. it worked fine and i would make it in this pan again if i didn’t have the 9×13.  however, the cake bubbled over the edge, took a little longer to cook, and some of the cake was slightly burnt on the bottom (i don’t know why).


since my cake was so full, i was worried the icing would just roll off, but as the cake cooked it started cracking (this is important to make sure the icing gets inside the cake).  I slowly poured on half the mixture, let it soak in, then poured the rest on.



happy birthday!



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