polka dot glitter eggs

although i love dyeing eggs for easter, it can get repetitive year after year. so i am always up for trying alternative ways to decorate eggs. the pin for polka dot glitter eggs instantly popped out to me. they looked so simple but were so cute!

after a not so successful attempt to dye eggs with natural dyes, i decided to use the rest of my eggs to try the no-dye easter eggs from better homes and gardens.

looks can be deceiving. these weren’t quite as simple as i had hoped. i swear i have seen double-sided sticky dots a thousand times before, but of course when i was looking for them they were no where to be found (it would help if the city had a micheal’s, but apparently crafters only live in suburbia). i found some that were were elevated, but i wanted the glitter to look like it was stuck right on the eggs.

i referred back to the very basic instructions provided by better homes and gardens and noted that they said “using a craft punch, punch circles from double-sided adhesive.” so i decided to give my hole punch and some double-sided tape a shot.

as you would expect, the tape stuck right to the hole punch. naturally, i figured i would stick the tape to something else first, then punch it (with the non sticky side against the punch), stick it to the egg, and peel away what i originally stuck it to. after trying to stick it several different things (aluminum foil, parchment paper, cardstock, etc) before punching it, i determined that wax paper worked best.

i was finally on a roll and able to knock out an egg. i found it was difficult to get the spacing so perfect (i don’t know how bhg did it).

TIP: use a coffee filter for the glitter! it was easier to get the glitter to stick when i rolled the egg in the glitter. coffee filters made it easy to roll the egg in because they are so flexible and mold right to the egg. they are small enough to easily manage with one hand and the sides keep the glitter from spilling everywhere. plus they are cheap and very easy to clean up since you can roll them right into a funnel!

TRICK: as mentioned by better homes and gardens, using a dry paint brush to brush off the excess glitter also really helped with placing the glitter (especially when using multiple colors).

although this project was meant to be an alternative to dyeing eggs, i found the white was a little boring and wanted to try adding glitter polka dots to a colored egg. for some reason i could not get the double sided tape to stick to the colored eggs? it just kept sliding around. so I tried painting the egg with acrylic paint. this is when i discovered why dyeing eggs is so much better.

as you can see every brush stroke showed with the paint! so i ended up painting and wiping with the paper towel to create a sponged look. after seeing the finished product, i actually decided i like the white better because the contrast was so much better.

after two eggs the process of punch all the dots was already feeling very tedious (and time-consuming) so I started tried cutting out zig-zags in the tape. i thought the zig-zags turned out really cute!

i experimented with stripes too. i found that vertical strips were much easier to apply straight than horizontal. as you can imagine the stripes were the easiest.

in the end i liked how the glitter eggs turned out, but i would never make them again without pre-cut dots. i also don’t think they would be nearly as fun for kids as dyeing eggs.


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