confetti filled eggs

although i didn’t really have an occasion to play the diy party:confetti egg game pinned from ohhappyday, i still decided to try making confetti filled eggs out (maybe for a future easter?) the tutorial was very easy to follow and the eggs turned out great!

i started by blowing out the eggs (which was surprisingly easy)

then i decorated the eggs. i chose to decorate the eggs using glitter instead of dyeing them.

i made homemade confetti with a hole punch and crepe paper.

i filled all the eggs with glitter or confetti (but as oh happy day explains you could really fill the eggs with anything).

i used a coffee filter as the funnel and then cut out a piece of the filter to cover the whole in the bottom.

the best part was breaking the eggs over the top of my boyfriend’s head after i was done. (i may have let him have a turn).

i found it funny that the tape used to create the zig-zags actually held the shattered egg together.

it would be fun to fill the eggs with clues and do an easter egg treasure hunt (especially for older kids who are not so excited about just finding hidden eggs). or instead of cracking the eggs over your head it would be fun to at least to crack the eggs open at the table after easter dinner to see who wins the prize.

this is something i would definitely make again… next easter i’m bringing the confetti filled eggs!


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