roasted cauliflower and aged white cheddar soup

cooking closet makes this really good cauliflower soup! I’ve made a few cauliflower recipes before and they were hit or miss.  this is a hit for my family!  i served it to my 3-year-old, my husband, and my parents.  they all liked it and had seconds.

i think cauliflower looks amazing after its roasted…Image

doesn’t the soup look good pre-mixing?!


tip: i didn’t have fresh thyme so i used thyme from my spice drawer…about 3/4 tablespoon.

tip: it seemed like too much cream but i knew it would just make it taste better!  so i used 1/2 non-fat milk and 1/2 cream.


i had some boiled potatoes in my fridge and decided to throw them in after i pureed the soup.  i actually loved it with the potatoes – gave it some heartiness but didn’t change the taste.


incase you are wondering what a good aged white cheddar cheese is, i like dubliner and i can find it at costco and safeway in the fancy cheese section. i haven’t tried tons of aged white cheddar though – do you have a favorite?!


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