crispy brussels sprouts with a garlic aioli

i know brussels sprouts are supposed to be that gross vegetable your parents made you choke down as a child, but i love them!

i quickly realized that although my boyfriend appreciates them, he doesn’t quite share the same love for them as i do. so i turned to pinterest to find new ways to prepare brussels sprouts (and hopefully convince my boyfriend to let me buy them more often).

the crispy brussels sprouts with a garlic aioli looked quick, simple, and delicious.

unlike savoring life with anna costa, i covered the wedges with olive oil vs. canola oil. i prefer the taste of olive oil.

my brussels sprouts still got nice and crispy!

then i moved onto the dip. TIP: 1/4 tsp of garlic is about the same as one small garlic clove

i ended up adding a little more lemon juice to make the dip extra tart. the dip isn’t the healthiest but if you like mayonnaise (even just a little bit) then you’ll love it.

you could easily serve this at a party with toothpicks.

overall the brussels sprouts were just as i suspected- quick, simple, and delicious!


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