homemade finger paint

this homemade finger paint was really fun!  we loved making it and painting with it.  easie peasie calls it edible finger paint but advises you not to eat it…once your child gets a taste they will probably spit it out – cornstarch is not a good taste!


i loved how it went from liquid to this in about 10 seconds…


i put in about 5 drops of food coloring in each and they turned out beautifully!


tip: make sure to cover your kids up!  these paints will definitely stain clothing (and your fingers).


tip: she says to reduce the cornstarch if its goopy.  i followed the recipe to a t and it was a little goopy so i may reduce the cornstarch next time…3/4 of a cup would probably be too runny though.

here is the final product:



i sacrificed my fingers to see how the paint would stain them.  i left the paint on my fingers for about 2-3 minutes, washed them with soap, and here is how they looked after…

my fingers were clean by the next day!


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