glitter manicure

i’m not sure why, but it surprises me how popular manicures are on pinterest. i feel like everyday i am seeing manicure pins. i hate to seem pessimistic, but almost every time i see a manicure i can’t help but wonder “what would that really look like if i did it?” i can barely paint my nails with the non-dominate hand (and quite honestly my dominate hand’s skills are questionable) so would i be able to do that?

one of the things i’ve liked so far about testing pins is the excuse it has given me to try pins i wouldn’t normally push myself to try. so i present to you the first mani monday (ironically it just happens to be monday- i didn’t actually plan that).

i decided to start by testing a manicure that looked simple. i’ve seen a few different pins for glitter nails with actual glitter and discovered that most of them were from the same site: cupcakes and cashmere.

i didn’t follow the instructions exactly. i just used the nail color and glitter i already had on hand. i also kept it simple and left out the additional nail art.

i started with the silver glitter, but it was very dramatic! i liked the look and think it turned out well, but i thought i would try something with less bling. as i mentioned i was using glitter i already had on hand. a finer glitter probably would have reduced the bling, but i didn’t have a finer silver glitter so i tried a clear glitter.

i didn’t love the clear. i thought it looked like salt stuck to my finger. i decided to try adding glitter to just the tip of my nails like cupcakes and cashmere’s mermaid nails.

again, i liked the silver glitter better. overall i’d say the manicure was as simple as it appeared. i feel slightly reassured, which manicure next?


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