butternut squash risotto

i was excited to try this roasted butternut squash risotto because it combines two of my favorites: butternut squash and risotto. i’ll admit, i was slightly nervous because although risotto is one of my favorite dishes, i’ve actually never tried making it before.

centsational girl’s recipe was great. it was very detailed and therefore made it easy for even me to follow.

i made a few minor adjustments to the recipe:

because i didn’t have both fresh sage and dried sage on hand, i just tossed the butternut squash with olive oil and a few of the fresh sage leaves. in hindsight, i would either use dried sage or more leaves because i would’ve preferred a stronger taste of sage.

centsational girl wasn’t kidding when she said “you must experience in your lifetime the deliciousness of a sage leaf fried in butter, then you truly have lived.” i halved the recipe, but i still fried the full amount of sage the recipe called for. i would actually fry even more sage leaves next time so that i could get some with each bite.

i cooked the rice for longer than the recipe called for after adding the squash and wine because it seemed so thin and soupy. (i thought i had seriously messed something up at this point).

however the risotto quickly and dramatically thickens. i should’ve stuck to “al dente” as instructed.

the final product was yummy! i don’t know if it’s because i halved the recipe, but the wine was a little overpowering. i used a chardonnay and the dish was really sweet. both my boyfriend and i added more salt after the first few bites. next time i will use more broth and less wine. i got major presentation points. (the plating suggestions made the dish look fancier than my average meal).

the dish did require a lot more prep time than i generally devote to an average meal. this wouldn’t be something i could easily whip together regularly, but i will definitely keep it in the box for special occasions.


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