magleby’s rolls

does anyone not love bread?  i probably love it more than most people so here is another great roll recipe!

we went skiing in park city, ut in february and ate at a restaurant called magleby’s fresh (it’s actually in provo).  we ordered a few rolls with our breakfast dinner and they are to die for!  i’ve been thinking of them ever since and leigh anne came to my rescue.  since i have only had the rolls from the restaurant one time, i can’t say for sure that these are an exact copy but they are really good!

this recipe requires mayonnaise…pretty strange.  i don’t like mayo so i had to buy it special for this recipe.  guess i’ll have to make these again to use up that mayo!




sorry the last picture is so dark, my recipes always end at night.

they are pretty similar to these rolls i tried a month ago. both use cheese, herbs, and the same rolls. i guess you can go with whichever ingredients you have on hand!

tip: don’t make more than you want to eat because they are impossible to stop eating!  i made 6 and they were gone by the time the night was over with just my husband and me eating them!


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