newspaper nails

after trying the glitter manicure, i was anxious to try another manicure pin. the newspaper nails from inside out (topshop‘s blog) looked super cool and fairly simple. i decided it would be the perfect manicure to try and tackle next. i first tried painting my nails a neutral pink.

i dipped my nails in vodka (to see if it would be strong enough or if rubbing alcohol was necessary)

then immediately placed the newspaper on my nail (i discovered it works best if you quickly place the newspaper so that the nail is still wet from the alcohol)

the print transferred really easily. it worked surprisingly well! just be careful to place the newspaper on straight.

TIP: make sure the paint on your nails is COMPLETELY dry before you try transferring the newspaper print. i realized after the fact that my pinky wasn’t completely dry and so the newspaper kind of stuck to the nail. to make sure that the wet paint was the cause, i tried sticking the newspaper to a freshly painted nail (still very wet) hence the pointer finger (obviously this is worst case scenario)

i am not a huge fan of pale pink so i wanted to try another color to see if the print would still show up.

so i painted my nails this gray color and then a few hours later (just to make sure the paint was extra dry) i transferred the newspaper print (to not only my nails but the skin on my finger too)

i liked it much better! again i’m so excited i’ve found another manicure even i can do!

NOTE: you will not be able to add a top coat after you transfer the print or else it will smear the print (or at least that’s what happened to me)


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