raspberry pretzel jello

thus far most of the pins i’ve “tested” are those that i’ve discovered just browsing through pinterest feeds. however, one of the other things i love about pinterest is how easy it is to actively search for something using it. it’s no joke that a picture is worth a thousand words. so who wouldn’t appreciate getting search results in a picture format (that link you straight to the pertinent information you are looking for)?

i say this because natasha’s kitchen‘s recipe for raspberry pretzel jello isn’t new to me (i have faint memories of making this as a child), but if it weren’t for pinterest’s fabulous search capabilities i wouldn’t have found myself making it for our bbq this past weekend.

the recipe is really meant to be made the night before. however, if you’re like me and neglect to plan ahead then don’t worry. i made a few adjustments to the recipe in order to make the dish the day of:

  1. i dissolved the jello in only one cup of boiling water. after the jello was dissolved, i added a cup of cold water. i immediately added the thawed frozen raspberries to the jello to expedite the setting process.
  2. i cooled the pretzel crust in the fridge after removing it from the oven.
  3. by the time i finished spreading the cream cheese/cool whip layer over the pretzel crust, the jello was already starting to set so i was able to immediately pour it on top.

in an effort to make the recipe a little healthier, i actually halved the amount of sugar i added to the cream cheese/cool whip and doubled the number of raspberries i added to the jello.

my picture isn’t nearly as beautiful, but the dish was definitely just as tasty!


3 thoughts on “raspberry pretzel jello

  1. Looks so delish! If you like fruit in dessert, check out our strawberry pear dessert hash and fruit salsa… Light and yum!

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