fizzy bubbles

there is no link to this but the picture and caption made it easy to follow!

start with a pan of baking soda (i used the box from my fridge because it needed to be replaced.) mix some food coloring with vinegar and let your child use a dropper to transfer the vinegar onto the baking soda.  i had a dropper left over from a medication but you may be able to get one from your pharmacy for free.  the good thing about a dropper is that it takes more time for your child to do the activity!  i wish the dropper had been smaller.


i would use a bigger pan next time because she covered the surface in about 5 minutes. she loved seeing it fizz! isn’t this a face of sweet surprise?!

i left her alone for the second round and this happened…

the whole house smelled like vinegar but it was worth it!


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