no bake energy bites

i’m not sure why, but when a friend recommended i make these no bake energy bites i thought, “oh a healthy snack!” then i read the ingredients and reconsidered. if you are only going to eat one ball, like you would a granola bar, then it’s probably not bad but i couldn’t keep myself from eating them so in that case, no so healthy!

i decided to make three kinds: healthy (on left), med healthy (middle), and least healthy (right).  the least healthy are the  ingredients that ali from gimme some oven recommends.  she does give substitution ideas which is how i adapted the other two.


ali doesn’t say whether you should use sweetened or unsweetened coconut so i bought both. here’s the ingredients i used:

healthy option – flax-seed, oatmeal, unsweetened coconut, pecans, raisins, honey, almond butter, vanilla

med option – flax-seed, oatmeal, 1/2 sweetened 1/2 unsweetened coconut, pecans, honey, natural peanut butter, chocolate chips, vanilla

least healthy option – flax-seed, oatmeal, sweetened coconut, honey, natural peanut butter, chocolate chips, vanilla

i really loved the medium option because of the crunch the nuts added!  the least healthy were really sweet (almost too much for me) and the healthiest were very grainy (mostly from the almond butter).

tip: the healthy option didn’t hold together very well because the almond butter wasn’t sticky enough.  this can be fixed by using more honey or using sweetened coconut. here’s a picture of the healthy option after taking a bite:

compared to the unhealthy option:

i honestly thought even the healthy option was good for a snack but my sister said, “they taste like a packet of flavored oatmeal before its been cooked.” take that how you will!

let me say one more thing.  i don’t normally eat flax-seed and the day after i made these (remember i ate way more than you are meant to) i had some stomach issues the next morning for about an hour – be careful!

tip: the friend who recommended these says she uses grape nuts instead of flax-seed but noted they don’t hold together as well.


One thought on “no bake energy bites

  1. I was waiting for this post! I usually only eat one when I need a quick snack, so to me they are somewhat healthy. I like them better than packaged granola bars. I use crunchy peanut butter to add some crunch as well as the grape nuts. And one time I used Cocoa Crispies and they were SO good (but obviously not as healthy). I generally just use whatever already have laying around the house. I actually have never tried flaxseed in them.

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