strawberry banana bread

i love banana bread and the idea of strawberries in banana bread sounds and looks amazing!  i found this recipe from averie cooks and had to try it!

doesn’t it look great?!


tip: lay strawberries on top of the bread to make it look even better! i didn’t do this but the strawberries the happened to be on top were so pretty!

what’s the verdict you ask?  averie’s particular banana bread doesn’t taste like banana bread to me.  the recipe calls for only one banana and i thought it tasted more like spice bread than banana bread.  also, you don’t taste the strawberry unless you actually get a piece of strawberry in each bite.

tip: use the banana bread you are used to and fold in the strawberries

i tried this a second time using a different banana bread recipe, one that calls for 3 bananas.  this time it tasted like banana bread but i still only tasted the strawberries if i had them in each bite.  here’s my second attempt with the new recipe:


tip: i cut the strawberries smaller this time but wish i had added more.  this recipe made about 2x the dough and i should have used 2x the strawberries – duh!

the other thing i noticed about adding strawberries is that the bread was a little undone at the bottom of the pan – this was probably from the juice from the strawberries.

tip: to get a soft top on the bread – immediately cover the bread with plastic wrap for 15-20 min after taking it out of the oven.  the top may feel crispy when it first comes out but it will soften if you do this!

tip: when my bananas get too soft for my liking, i put them in the freezer until i’m ready to make banana bread.  defrost, peel and toss them in the blender – no mashing required!

tip: wolf gang puck says that if you wrap the bread in plastic wrap and leave it uncut for 24 hours, the taste will be stronger. i couldn’t wait this long – i wanted it warm!

i’d make this again because it looked so great – perfect for a brunch party!


2 thoughts on “strawberry banana bread

  1. Thanks for trying it…yes, I called it “strawberry banana bread”, not “banana strawberry bread” because it’s definitely not as banana-ey as most banana breads are. Sounds like you solved that by adding more bananas 🙂

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