coconut crusted chicken

i recently went to a bachelorette party/bridal shower where the hostess served the most amazing salad topped with coconut crusted chicken. when i asked where she found the recipe she responded pinterest (of course).

i knew i must try making the chicken myself to see if my average cooking skills could reproduce the delicious results. i was surprised when i looked at the recipe by skinny taste to see it only called for 4 ingredients (not including the chicken). could something so delicious really be so simple?

they turned out great! they don’t look quite as nice as the ones at the shower (or on skinny taste), but they taste just as good. i was VERY light on the amount of olive oil i brushed on top. i am sure using more olive oil (in addition to crushing the corn flakes smaller) would create a more even color as pictured on skinny taste.

the salad (in particular the dressing) definitely compliments the chicken, but the chicken tastes great on its own.

the chicken with the salad was a hit amongst the 15+ girls at the shower, but if you want a male’s opinion this is what my boyfriend had to say about the chicken:

him:”tastes like a coconut chicken nugget”

me:”is that a good thing?”

him: “great thing! i love chicken nuggets”

take that how you will, but i know i will definitely be making this again.


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