yogurt pops and yogurt dots

with summer just around the corner i have been looking for treats for a hot day. these two pins are so simple yet so perfect for a sweet treat in the heat!

the first from annily green is for yogurt pops. much creamier than a popsicle and healthier than ice cream (somewhat) they are a great option for yogurt that’s about to expire.

another great option for a frozen yogurt treat are the frozen yogurt dots by one good thing.

the dots do take slightly longer than the pops, but the great thing about the dots is that it only took a few to satisfy my craving for something cold and sweet. yet i made a whole tray with just one yogurt! so these make for an even healthier treat (assuming you don’t finish off the whole tray).


3 thoughts on “yogurt pops and yogurt dots

  1. I am wondering, how fast do the dots melt? I think the idea looks good but then I think about my kids eating those dots with their fingers and getting yogurt all over the place. How did they hold up out of the freezer?

  2. Great question! I was thinking about noting this. I was slightly surprised (I dont know why since all frozen things melt when you touch them with hot hands) and initially a little disappointed when they started melting in my fingers. But I realized they are still a great treat for a few reasons…

    Just like dippin’ dots they are still really fun to eat with a cup and spoon.

    They are super quick to make and freeze faster than the pops (or a gogurt).

    It’s really no loss when they melt because you end up with cold yogurt.

    They are perfect for portion size! Honestly, only a handful at a time would satisfy me (and I imagine would satisfy a child) so I ended up eating them way faster then they melted.

    I would also note that it’s best to eat them directly from the wax paper (they don’t melt as fast as when you peel them off, put them in a bowl, and then eat them out of the bowl).

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