2 window cleaning ideas – indoor/outdoor

my windows desperately needed to be cleaned – inside and outside!  i first saw this idea for a quick outdoor window cleaning idea.  basically, you spray your window with water, wipe it down with a homemade solution, then spray with water again and you get a streak free clean – no drying required!  i had to try it and it really did work!  i honestly couldn’t believe it was streak free! it uses quite a few ingredients. i had to buy ammonia.  the other ingredient you may not have is “jet dry” but i use that for my dishwasher.


tip: jill suggests using a long handled brush but i doubt many people actually have that.  i created my own with a sponge and swiffer duster handle.  after cleaning the windows i saw that they are dirty in the corners.  next time i’ll put on a glove and just use the sponge.  then i’ll be able to get into the corners and be able to scrub harder.

after cleaning the outsides of the windows, i could clearly see that my windows were just as dirty inside so i used this solution from maya.  the ingredients? water, vinegar and cornstarch in a spray bottle.  she says to wipe the windows down with newspaper after – i have no idea why.  i did this but didn’t see a difference.  can anyone enlighten me as to why i should do this step?

here’s the view from my windows now – looks so much better!  The before picture didn’t look much different but i can definitely see a difference!



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