cookie in a cup

how often do you want to make cookies but know it will only lead to you and your family or roommate or maybe just yourself consuming 2 dozen cookies in just a few days?! it happens quite often at my house so of course i was really excited to find this recipe for making one cookie, in a cup, using the microwave.  i was a little weary of making a cookie in the microwave but it doesn’t seem to matter – it’s still a cookie!

melissa created three cookie recipes: chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar.  we started with chocolate chip.  it was rich and we didn’t have any ice cream to scoop on top so i tried it with whipped cream – not good.  then i poured milk on top because what i really love is chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk.  loved it!  i must say though that my husband liked it just the way it was and this was his favorite.


then we tried peanut butter.  the top didn’t look done after 30 seconds so i put it in for another 10 and it seemed a little dry and still didn’t look totally done – see picture below.  melissa’s looks completely done in her picture so maybe it had to do with the kind of peanut butter i used.  if this happens next time, i’ll take it out after 30 seconds.


last we made the sugar cookie.  this was my favorite. it also ended a little dry.  i’d go for 40 seconds next time.  every microwave is different so your times may vary from mine.


make all 3!  i liked all of these recipes and would make them all again!  it took about 5 minutes total and was perfect for an after dinner treat!


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