eggplant and goat cheese sandwiches

i am drawn to recipes that include atypical ingredients such as eggplant. isn’t the point of new recipes to spice up your current dietary habits?

when i saw the eggplant and goat cheese sandwiches from what did you eat? i thought they sounded like an unusual yet delicious combination of ingredients and that’s exactly how i would describe them.

i would say that the tomato and tarragon sauce didn’t really add much. though it was tasty the sandwiches would be great on their own.

these were a fairly simple and interesting take on eggplant. however,  i would not recommend them as an introduction to the vegetable. the other ingredients overpower the taste and you don’t get the true sense of the texture of most cooked eggplant. but if you are already a fan then try them out!

my only notes regarding the recipe would be-

  • the dish is overall very sweet. the goat cheese being the culprit. i will definitely try to alter the sweet/savory balance of the original recipe next time i make it. probably by sprinkling additional parmesan on top of the goat cheese before baking, removing the sugar in the tomato sauce and adding some italian spices. or i’ll just lose the tomato sauce all together and pair the sandwiches with a citrus salad.
  • the first few slices of the eggplant didn’t hold the breading very well when frying. i was able to fix this by dipping the eggplant in flour before the egg and then bread crumb mixture.
  • i’d let the sandwiches bake for the full 10 minutes (or longer) to ensure the eggplant is fully cooked.
  • i LOVED the short prep time. these were pretty quick and easy.


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