storage solution- bathroom cabinet hooks

when you live in a city apartment, you get city apartment storage. which is essentially no storage. anyone who has had this great experience knows that organization solutions are welcomed with open arms.

one of the major pain points of our place in particular is the bathroom. we have a tiny cabinet to store all our bathroom products (since we definitely don’t have space elsewhere). pinterest has been a great source for organizing tips. the first i would like to share are bathroom hooks in the cabinet door as seen on bryn alexandra.

you will probably notice the target bag also hanging from the hooks. this wasn’t part of the original idea. i added this to catch the cords because i don’t wrap my cords around my straightener and blowdryer (wrapping the cord around them can cause irreparable damage to the cord).

you also might notice that i used the stick on hooks so i wouldn’t put holes into the door.

the idea is so simple i can’t figure out how i didn’t think of it before. by hanging my blowdryer and straightener on hooks on the inside of my cabinet door i was able to free up a whole shelf (that’s right the shelves are that tiny) inside the cabinet!



One thought on “storage solution- bathroom cabinet hooks

  1. I have push pins (small holes) and sticky hooks inside every closet and on all my walls for things like kitchen tools, the fly swatter, hair accessories, keys, etc. this is definitely great for space-saving and organization!

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