lemon garlic chicken – crock pot

one of my friends made the comment the other day that all crock pot recipes taste the same.  since i haven’t tried many recipes in my crock pot, i couldn’t agree or disagree.  so far, i have reviewed sesame chicken and salsa chicken.  i can see how these would taste similar except for the spiciness of the salsa chicken.

i can say that this lemon garlic chicken does not taste like the others.  however, the texture is the same because the chicken falls apart at the slightest touch, not really a bad thing!  this recipe was great but took a little extra work because you brown the chicken first (a little extra work as in 8 extra minutes – hardly anything!)


the chicken smelled so good i could hardly keep myself from eating it before it was done!


tip: you can see that the sauce was a little thick.  next time, i would make it thinner by adding some milk at the point where you add cream cheese and whisk it in.  i had a hard time getting the sauce to spread to the pasta.


3 thoughts on “lemon garlic chicken – crock pot

  1. I think that might have been my comment on how everything taste the same in the crockpot. This review of this recipe might just be enough for me to pull out my old crockpot. Lemon Garlic Chicken sounds good!

  2. I strongly disagree! the only way the food tastes the same is if it’s made with the same basic ingredients, but there are TONS of crock pot recipes out there. keep exploring different proteins and countries to get your variety!

    • Thanks for the input! I’m not giving up on crock pot recipes! So far I’ve loved them and will do just what you’ve suggested! I also love how fast it is to prep and how I can make them before the 5 o’clock witching hour!

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