ombré nails

after fairly successful attempts at glitter nails and newspaper nails i figured i would try something a little more challenging like ombré nails.

i’ve seen a few different versions on pinterest, but most our pretty similar and involve a makeup sponge and of course multiple shades of one color of nail polish. for dramatic purposes i chose shades from white to black.

i started by trying beautylish’s technique which basically involves painting your nails one color and then using a makeup sponge to add layers of each color (light to dark) starting further back from the tip of nail with each color.

WARNING: this technique is not for the amateur nail artist aka me.

my first mistake was attempt to “paint” the polish with the makeup sponge.

as you can see it looked like i let a child paint my nails. horrible! after reading a few other similar tutorials i discovered that the purpose of using a makeup sponge to apply the paint is so you can “sponge” on the paint to create more of a blended look. so i tried again using more of a patting motion.

while this looked better, it still wasn’t very cute. with practice and the right colors you could probably eventually master this technique, but it would take way more time than i was ready to invest! one more thing to note is that i discovered little chunks of the sponge would actually come off onto my nails when i didn’t have enough nail polish on the sponge. (i am not sure if this is just because i was using cheap sponges, but who wants to ruin expensive ones right?)

after 2 failed attempts i decided it was time to try glamour’s simpler technique for ombré nails which essentially the same as layniefinger‘s technique for sponge gradient nails. i used 2 colors (a grey shade and black) in addition to the white already on my nails.

this technique was much easier!

i could see why the tutorial instructs you to put sponge all the colors on (even the base color- in my case the white). you can see there is a dramatic difference in the texture of polish that has been sponged.

i decided to simplify and try again with only 2 colors. i think it turned out pretty good.

had i started with this technique from the beginning i would’ve probably had the patience to actually finish all my nails and get a top coat on there… next time.

in the end i decided to finish my nails off with an even simpler version of ombré nails by chloe’s nails. even i could pull this off!


2 thoughts on “ombré nails

  1. Girl, let me tell you- I tried the sponge method last night and while I could ALMOST see what was supposed to be happening, the color toward the tips of my nails just wouldn’t stick! I almost had an ombre stripe because it would only stick toward the middle. There is nothing “simple” about this technique, though it does look great when done by people who know wtf they are doing!

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