raised salt painting

my daughter loves art!  everyday, she asks what she can make or do.  i really need pinterest, so many great ideas!  this raised salt painting from ness at one perfect day is a fun twist!  this idea involves three awesome activities for kids.

1) using glue – it amazes me how much my daughter loves this!

2) pouring salt – what kid doesn’t try to pour salt all over their food or all over the table at a restaurant?!

3) painting – anything messy = fun for my daughter!

ness suggests using water with food coloring or water colors.

here are my daughter’s paintings using water colors.

here’s an extra fun idea!  print a picture from online or use one from a coloring book.  trace the lines with the glue, pour on the salt, and drop the paint on. your child may need your help tracing if he/she is on the younger side.

when the water colors dried, the color was basically soaked up by the black paper. however, the white paper still looked good the next morning.

you won’t want to keep this though! it falls apart when touched!

here’s a picture using water mixed with food coloring – the colors seem much more vibrant !

there was salt on the table and floor when she finished but it was easy enough to clean up! lots of fun for my daughter, we’ll be doing this again!


2 thoughts on “raised salt painting

  1. Hi! Thanks for linking back to my post! I’m glad you and your daughter had fun with this. I love your idea of printing out a coloring page and tracing the lines with glue. I think we’ll have to try that, and writing your child’s name too. Every kid loves to see their own name. My son would get a real kick out of that!

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