baby quilt

i am not a quilter but i have always wanted to try!  for those of you who have never quilted, this is the quilt for you; seriously – easy, still time-consuming though!  unfortunately, the pin i have for this leads to a private blog.

one of my favorite things about pinterest is when people tell you exactly how to do something in the description – then you know just how easy it is!  fortunately, the pin for this said:

“twelve 4″ strips with 1″ white in between”

how easy is that?!

i actually only used 7 strips because i had this on my pin board for so long that when i got to jo-ann’s fabric i didn’t remember how many fabrics to get.  i think the size turned out just fine for a baby quilt.  i used a white sear sucker (adorable) for ever other strip and used pre-made bias tape to bind the quilt.

if you have no idea how to go about making a quilt, i found these awesome tutorials from amy!  she covers everything from supplies to cutting to batting and binding.  i started sewing about 2 years ago so i had a general idea of what to do.  my questions really came when i was buying the batting (there are so many kinds/sizes) and when connecting the front to the batting and then to the back.

tip: i found that when connecting my three pieces, it helped to use this adhesive so i knew it wouldn’t slide around.


tip: when i was ready to start quilting, i decided to do a zig-zag stitch on each seam.  this worked out  nicely because when you flip the quilt over the quilted lines are pretty straight.  i’ve only free stitched once (swirly or some other pattern) so i was nervous to try, especially since it was a gift for my sister.  i would do the straight lines again though!


tip: when you start quilting, start in the middle.  i started at one edge and worked across the quilt.  when i got the end of the quilt, the backing didn’t line up.  fortunately i was able to fix that when i squared up the quilt and put the binding on. also, leave the fabric for the back long instead of cutting to match the top.  then you can cut it once you’ve quilted.

here’s a picture of my 5 month old on the quilt so you can get a feel for the size of 7 strips.  it really bothers me that his clothes are clashing but this is for a girl so i’m getting over it and just showing the picture anyway!


i am seriously proud of myself!  i really like my fabric choices and was so glad i was able to get cute prints at jo-ann’s.  the woman at the register actually said to me, “you got all those here?!” she also said, “i’d buy that quilt!”  should i start selling it?  if only i had the time!


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