flourless strawberry muffins

i have read many places (like here) about the benefits of eating oats, but i just don’t love oatmeal. i was hoping dashing dish’s strawberry shortcake muffins would be a delicious way to to incorporate more oats into my diet. considering they have no sugar or white flour (which might as well be sugar from a health standpoint), i was pretty sure they wouldn’t replace “strawberry shortcake” but i had high hopes they’d make scrumptious muffins.

my first attempt at making them was pretty disastrous. i ignored dashing dish’s instructions to not use instant oats, my oven turned off halfway through, and i didn’t use a food processor. the results? i’d call them baked strawberry oat cups. the texture was really funky and they tasted far too much like oatmeal for my liking.

i decided to truly give the recipe a review i should give them another shot. in all honesty i feel like it was the food processor that made all the difference! the second time around, i halved the recipe and was a little concerned that might affect the outcome. it didn’t, they turned out great!

(disregard the tree shape. apparently my only silicone muffin cups are christmas trees or snowflakes)

you can see the texture was much more like that of a muffin. it wasn’t quite as flaky as a muffin, but much closer. i would say it was kind of pasty. my friend described it as similar to the texture of dumplings from chicken dumplings.

i made a few minor adjustments. i used honey greek yogurt instead plain. i chose honey as a sweetener. i also actually blended some of the strawberries in the mix in the food processor to thin it out a little more (this really helped the texture). i wish i would’ve added even more strawberries.

as i anticipated, the “shortcake” title is a bit of a stretch. even with the additional honey flavoring they are still not very sweet (i know it’s meant more as an alternative when you’re craving shortcake so it’s kind of unfair to compare the two).would I consider them scrumptious muffins? that is also a bit of a stretch. are they a decent but considerable more healthy alternative to your average strawberry muffin? most definitely. i’ll likely make them again, but i won’t be running out to do so.


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