homemade sidewalk paint

its supposed to be a bit on the cooler side for the next few days here in northern california; so we decided that we better do some outdoor stuff yesterday.  we decided to combine two of our most common activities – painting and using chalk.  this sidewalk paint is so simple to make – just water, cornstarch and food coloring.  (i’m pretty sure i’ve never actually used cornstarch in my baking, but it is used in a variety of experiments and fun kids stuff!) 


at first its really hard to mix but the cornstarch will quickly dissolve.

i didn’t think my daughter would like this much when we first started – she wasn’t very interested.  it kept her attention for maybe 5 minutes (remember, she’s three).  i think this is the reason –


it was pretty watery.  she didn’t have enough control to make any pictures.  i decided to make the paint thicker so i added an 1/8 cup more of cornstarch.  here’s the outcome:


i don’t really think it mattered much to make it thicker.  here’s what the chalk looked like once it dried (we ended up turning the thicker yellow paint into orange.)


once it dried, i got her to splatter the paint and she loved that!


doesn’t that look cool?!  she loved seeing it all once it dried. i think part of the problem was how watery it was, she couldn’t control it like she can chalk.

the verdict?  i had fun doing this with her but she probably spent a total of 10 minutes on it.  my sister came over and once she saw it she said that she thought her 6 and 8 year old would love doing it!  i do think i’d do this again and hopefully her mood was part of why she wasn’t as interested.

by the way, i cleaned off the driveway today and it washed right off, maybe even easier than chalk!



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