butterbeer x3

i’ve dreamed about butterbeer since i read the first harry potter book in high school.  i always pictured it as a frothy liquid caramel.  who wouldn’t love that?!  i really want to go to harry potter land at orlando studios and mostly just to try out the butterbeer.  my sister’s family went last year so i had them over to  judge three different butterbeer recipes.

here we go:

the first recipe i tried out that was super quick to make.  the main ingredient was a two liter rootbeer.  i had to buy each ingredient for this recipe.

note: i found the imitation butter at safeway (the one closest to my house didn’t carry it, but the larger one across town did).


the problem i had with this recipe is that the rootbeer taste was too strong – nothing like i imagined.  however, toni was making this for a child’s birthday party so it works because it has only a few ingredients and the kids think the idea is so fun, they aren’t thinking much of the taste.  one person in my family said this was her favorite.

the second recipe was the fan favorite and apparently the closest to the original.  its main ingredient was cream soda and i had to buy almost all of these ingredients as well.  this recipe was fast and easy, just as easy as the first.  yum – try this one!

the last recipe was the most time consuming and included cooking on the stove.  i had really high hopes for this one!  i just assumed that if it was more time consuming it would be the best!  it was good but i could only take a few sips – it was thick and very rich. i don’t know if it’s that i made the second and third recipes on the same day so i was butterbeer’d out, but the drink was overwhelming to me.  i didn’t mind taste testing the mixture from the stove though!


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