bottle label remover

i’ve been majorly obsessed with bottles lately! i am consistently attracted to home decor that incorporates old bottles (new bottles too i guess). pinterest has been a great place to collect inspiration. slowly, but surely, i’ve been incorporating bottles into my apartment decor thanks to my pinspiration board.

here are just a few collections of bottles i’ve started.

the first step to creating a bottle decoration is obviously removing the label. with all these bottle decorations, i’ve needed to remove my fair share of labels. of course i turned to pinterest to get tips on how to remove these labels. here is what i found:

  • hairdryer as sticker remover– this method works really well in softening the adhesive (depending on the type of glue adhering the label).

it’s like it almost melts the glue. however, it doesn’t actually remove the glue (i found i had to keep heating the glue and then scrape it off while it was hot but i could never get it completely clean)

after ending up with a labeless bottle with glue still on it, i thought the vodka as goo remover would be the perfect solution

but even after letting the vodka soaked paper towel sit on the bottle for over 10 minutes, i still had no success even softening the glue

after the vodka failed, i moved to mayonnaise

worked like a charm! i had to scrape a little, but not nearly as much as with the blow dryer

i am sure cooking oil as adhesive remover would work the same as they mayo since they are both oily, but i felt the mayo was easier to apply then the oil. i was able to brush it on an let it sit.

not all bottles (and their labels) are the same though, right? so i tried another bottle. this one had more of a paper label.

the blow dryer technique (above) did NOT work well for this bottle.

the mayo technique (also above) didn’t work so well either. it required a lot of scraping.

after the previous techniques didn’t work out i decided to try the vinegar. this worked much better for the paper label.

despite the success of the vinegar, i wanted to test nail polish as well. it worked just as well as the vinegar! i was able to easily remove another section of the label and glue. i will note that the odor from the nail polish was much stronger and my hands felt really dry even after removing such a small section of the label using the nail polish.

all the techniques excluding the vodka (maybe it just wasn’t the right type of adhesive?) worked really well depending on the type of label. so i guess you just have determine which technique to use on a case by case basis.

so now that i’ve got the bottles (without labels) it’s time to try some of the tutorials on what to do with these bottles. i’ll be sure to keep you updated of course!


2 thoughts on “bottle label remover

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  2. I usually just soak it in water for a bit and then use some coconut oil and a scrub brush or tooth brush to get any residual glue off.

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