cowgirl cookies

i love chocolate chip cookies!  tollhouse chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite.  i’ve tried other kinds but i just love that recipe!  i started adding a little bit of oatmeal to my chocolate chip cookie recipe a few years ago because it gives it a texture that i really love but doesn’t change the flavor.

anyway, another cookie has taken its place!  a friend brought these two me around valentine’s day and i have been making them every since!  these cowgirl cookies are a chocolate chip cookie with m&m’s and oatmeal (pecans are also in the recipe but i leave them out, i can’t veer too far from my favorite cookie!)  i seriously love these.  i’ve made at least three batches with the intention of taking pictures for my blog but the cookies are gone before i get around to taking a picture!  another great thing about this recipe is that bakerella gives you the correct amounts to make a cute dry cookie mix in a jar as a gift.  you really must go check out how cute her cowgirl cookie mix looks all put together!  she even has printable labels to put on your jars.

i’ve made these for a friend who had a baby a month ago with pink, yellow, and orange m&m’s.  i’ve made them with a spring mix to take to a party. you can seriously make them to go along with any themed party, gift, or season – such a cute idea!

i made these with an original bag:


tip: i made these in an electric mixer.  notice how the m&m’s are broken?  if you’re making these for a special occasion, fold the m&m’s in with a spoon to keep them whole!  i have even pressed in an m&m or two on top to make them extra good looking!

mmm…i’m getting a craving!  i might just have to go make another batch right now!

here’s the downside: who keeps m&m’s on hand?  not me or i’d be eating them all day long!  this is a cookie i have to plan ahead for (or make a quick trip to the corner market)!


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