old macdonald puppets

i made these adorable puppets for my niece’s 3rd birthday.  i think i’m going to have to make another set for my daughter.


aren’t they adorable?!  my niece loved them! 

this is not for the faint of heart – i’d say i spent 9 hours on these (understand that i like things perfect when i’m sewing, i pin when its not necessary and try to cut as exact and straight as possible. when i sew with friends my projects always take longer than theirs.) plan to cut one night while you’re watching tv – this took a long time!

you can download a free pattern from larissa.  if you aren’t very creative, like me, it helps that she give every single detail down to the eyes. 

tip: don’t waste your time cutting out every single detail (there are a lot, even the backs are cute!)  its way more work to cut out paper, then put it on the fabric and cut out the fabric;  there is a pattern for every single piece: stripes for the cat, small circles for the spots on the dog, and even the eyes.  look at the pattern for the general size if want, but save time, you can cut a circle without a pattern, right?!

another part that took a long time was changing the thread for each color of fabric.  if you are going to use coordinating thread, make sure you plan out which colors to sew with first and do them all of that color at once.

tip: after i sewed the puppets together, i trimmed around the hooves to make them look more exact.  i did the same with the ears – this seriously helps them look good!

good luck!


One thought on “old macdonald puppets

  1. Kimmy B, I’m SEW impressed!!! These are darling. I might just need to make myself some. Thanks for the review!

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