ivory soap experiment

i really wanted to try this ivory soap experiment!  its so cool how it puffs up like a marshmallow!  you microwave the soap for 2 minutes on a microwave safe plate.

as it started puffing up, my daughter and i got really excited!


then it started hitting the walls of the microwave and started regretting the experiment!


here’s what happens:


my daughter touched it for about 5 seconds and was ready to do something else.  this is a cool experiment for school aged children but no younger!  if you go to tammy’s blog to see her take on the experiment, she has a fun video of her kids watching the soap foam and then has them guess what it will feel like – like a real experiment.  its pretty cute but that wasn’t the experience here!

tammy’s didn’t make a mess of her microwave like mine did – maybe i needed a bigger plate.


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