patriotic mocktails

so the 4th isn’t for a few weeks, but it seems 4th of july ideas are springing up on pinterest like crazy already. this idea in particular popped out at me!

i had to know if it worked…

…and it did!

in theory it makes sense that sugar would affect the density of the liquids but i was surprised that other factors wouldn’t counter balance the effects of the sugar.

i won’t lie. it isn’t quite as simple as it looks. it actually took me a few tries to get the colors so clear and separated (and i don’t think mine looks quite as good as baby center’s). the difference in the density of the 3 liquids is not that great. so unlike water and oil you can’t just pour one into the other and they will automatically separate.

the key is the ice! and not just having ice. the key is adding the ice in layers as you change the drinks (probably because temperature also affects density? or maybe it’s because it helps maintain the surface tension). anyway you’ll add enough ice for the fruit punch. pour the fruit punch. add the ice for the gatorade. pour the gatorade. add the ice for the diet sprite. pour the sprite.

TIP: i found that blue powerade was much brighter than gatorade.


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