s’mores bars

look at these pictures:


ok now go buy the ingredients and make these s’mores cookie bars! aaaaaah-maaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing!

last night my husband went out of town with my daughter. what’s the first thing i did? i made myself dessert! then i cleaned while it cooked (i wanted to enjoy the house without anyone messes to feel like i needed to clean). then i ate my dessert and vegged on the couch! here’s the deets:

i had to buy the marshmallow cream fluff and the chocolate bars. kim, not me – wish i could come up with something like this, recommends you buy the king size hershey’s chocolate bars but they don’t have those at my grocery store. i bought two xl sized hershey bars and used a full bar plus one row of the second bar. you could probably get away with one bar.

i actually made this twice in two weeks! the first time i made it, i couldn’t finish the pan – i seriously didn’t like it. the second time? loved it and wanted to eat the whole pan! so what was the difference?

tip: the first time, i was feeling frugal and bought the cheapest graham crackers i could find. the next time i bought the honey maid pre-crushed box (in the baking section – i don’t know the price difference between already crushed and whole but i was feeling lazy). i will never buy those cheap crackers again! it totally made the difference.

i must add that i must be picky about my graham cracker tastes because i took some to my neighbors and she told me that she and her husband stayed up late one night taking a spoon to the pan and finished them off – maybe my taste buds were off that day!

please go make these – they will not disappoint! i’m so glad i have the whole pan to enjoy while my family is gone! i love how you can just heat them back up to enjoy them the next day!


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