sopapilla cheesecake

maybe it’s just me, but i love crescent rolls! although homemade ones are much better, i even love the crescent rolls from the can. i avoid purchasing them since they don’t have much nutritional value, but i gave in the other day. (it is so much harder to say no when they are on sale).

i have seen a bunch of different recipes involving crescent rolls on pinterest, but sopapilla cheesecake really popped out at me. it looked so unusual. i was very curious to see how it tasted.

as i’ve discovered to be the case with most recipes involving crescent rolls- my yellow umbrella’s recipe was super simple and easy!

it turned out great! (i halved the recipe)

it is pretty unusual. i can’t figure out how to describe it (because it tastes a lot like the sum of it’s parts- cream cheesey, cinnamony, sugar, buttery, etc), but i would definitely recommend it. so if you’re interested, just give it a try!

as my yellow umbrella mentions (at the very bottom of the post) there are many ways you can alter the recipe to make it your own. i will definitely be trying some of the variations! in particular i want to try adding an egg in the cream cheese filling to make it more fluffy. if you try any variations let me know how they turn out!

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