summer zucchini bites

i love zucchini and pinterest has been a great way to discover new ways to prepare it. my boyfriend says “zucchini is ok” but he really liked these summer zucchini bites.

the bites were SUPER easy. they were so fast! it took maybe 5 min to prepare them and 15 min to cook them.

i did make a few adjustments to the recipe:

  • i added less onion (and would do even less the next time)
  • i wasn’t very precise with the measurements but tried to keep the proportions (excluding the onion) about the same. next time i’d add more bread crumbs and zucchini without adding another egg
  • i used a normal muffin tin (as i don’t have a mini muffin tin). i still think they turned out pretty cute and a good size because i didn’t fill them very full

the only other thing i would note is that these actually seemed like more of a breakfast food and would be great for a brunch with friends.

these will definitely go in the box as something to make again.


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