carpet stain remover

we have carpet in the majority of our apartment (which is unfortunate. i’d love to have hardwood floors! but i guess that something to look forward to in the future, right?)

despite being occupied by only 2 adults, we still have managed to stain the carpet a few times in less than a year (the last time we had them cleaned).

i was so excited to see picklee‘s remarkable diy cleaning solution for carpet stain remover. i’ve been meaning to do something about the stains and finally had a simple and cheap solution to try!

the first stain i tried tackling was the smaller and much newer of the two. it was juice from a raspberry that got squished into the carpet.

the solution worked like a charm! the stain disappeared instantly.

i was so excited i moved to the much bigger, darker, and older stain.

i didn’t do the best job capturing the before and after, but hopefully the picture above gives you an idea. while the solution was still pretty effective on this stain, it didn’t work nearly as well as with the first stain (probably because it’s older, darker, and bigger). i had to repeat the technique 3 times and you can still see remnants of the stain.

TIP: the temperature of the iron makes a big difference. a hotter iron seemed to pull the stain up faster, but be careful not to have it too hot (unless you want burnt carpet)

while the solution wasn’t 100% effective, it worked well enough. plus it was simple and cheap too (i got a big jug of ammonia for only $3 as opposed to the $12+ for the other carpet cleaning solutions)!

i will be using it to treat future carpet stains (in between professional carpet cleanings).


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