triangle nails

one of the great things i’ve discovered about pinterest is that some of the links i find it aren’t in english. this may seem like a bad thing, but i actually love it because i know there is no way i would’ve found them otherwise (maybe it’s just me, but i never really perused blogs/sites in other languages prior to pinterest). pshiiit’s one of these blogs.

the great thing about pshiiit is the tutorials include lots of pictures, so you don’t even need to be able to read it. i was easily able to follow the tutorial for triangle nails.

i painted the base color before i went to bed and then added the triangles the next morning so i wouldn’t have to wait for the base to dry.

i found lining up the tape for the reverse triangle was much more difficult.

while this technique is pretty simple, there were a few things i learned along the way (which may have been lost in translation?)

the first is that the quality of the nail polish makes a HUGE difference with this technique. i first tried this using these 2 polishes:

the results were disastrous! i used the orange as the base color. when i applied the tape (as the stencil) it actually pulled off the polish! then when i tried painting the pink over the top, the pink wasn’t covering the orange. instead it acted like nail polish remover in spots and created holes in the color.

i was so glad i decided to give the technique a second shot with better quality polishes.

the next thing i learned was that the top coat makes all the difference! before the top coat i was seriously concerned. the edges of the second color were really jagged and slightly raised (i could’ve probably done one less coat of the second color). you can really see what i mean on the middle finger and thumb below.

after only one (messy i might add) top coat the edges were much smoother.

all and all this technique was simple enough i could definitely see myself doing it again. i would definitely recommend it to others who want to try something more than just your typical solid color but have amateur polishing skills like myself.


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