cake in a cup

the hidden pantry’s “aunt betty’s 1-2-3 cake” (aka cake in a cup) is genius! there are so many reasons to like this cake trick.

  • just like the cookie in the cup, this is a great way to make a dessert that serves one. how often do you crave a piece of cake, but don’t want to end up eating a whole cake?
  • it requires only a couple of ingredients. it doesn’t get simpler than two cake mixes and some water.

  • it is super easy! she’s not kidding about 1-2-3

  • and it’s fast! literally less than a minute.

i was absolutely amazed! it was moist and fluffy just like cake!

(BEWARE: it really expands so make sure you have extra space in your cup)

with all that being said, i must admit the cake in the cup is what it is. it’s a quick and easy trick for cake. it’s not the tastiest cake you’ve ever eaten (angel food cake super tart so don’t lick the spoon you mix the batter with), nor does it have the best texture (it’s more spongy like angel food cake) but it’s the fast and the easiest way to satisfy those cake cravings!


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