gone fishin’

i have been completely m.i.a.  our summer has been so busy…disneyland, beach, visitors, and now i’m teaching summer school.  i have so many pins i have tested that i need to type up, so hopefully i can get all these awesome ideas to you soon!

the night before we drove to disneyland, i was scouring pinterest for road trip ideas when i came across this cute, simple, super fast fishing game!


it is a seriously awesome idea!  it kept her busy for about 20 minutes and she pulled it out a second time during the drive. visit jamie’s blog to find other great road trip ideas for toddlers.

it took me 20 minutes to make once i pulled out the felt, pencil, string, magnet, and paper clip.  that’s pretty fast and totally worth it.

tip: i didn’t use the glue gun to attach the paper clip to the fish.  the felt i used was thin enough to just poke it through the fish’s mouth.

like this idea but want something that looks nicer, maybe for a birthday party?  i saw this fishing game that is much more involved to make but really adorable!



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