chalkboard bottles

remember when i tested different ways to remove the labels from bottles? as i mentioned, i’ve been really loving using bottles as decor lately and pinterest has been a great source for inspiration.

these chalkboard wine bottles were one of the first pictures that really inspired me. ruthi auda used the wine bottles as signs. i don’t have use for signs, nor do i love wine, but i loved the idea.

i bought a 4 pack of starbucks pre-made frappuccinos and i knew the bottles would be perfect for chalkboard vases.

after washing and removing the labels to the bottles, i spray painted them with chalkboard paint (i was really encouraged to go out of my way to find spray paint after reading how much easier love, life and little thing’s experience with spray paint was compared to just short of crazy’s experience with regular chalkboard paint).

i think they turned out great. i was tempted to leave them as is. however, my cubicle at work was in dire need of some sprucing up.

for now they have my initial, company logo, and company values, but the great thing is i could change that tomorrow!

having flowers at my desk has made a huge difference! a few of my coworkers have been begging me to make them a set.

TIP: make sure to use a soft chalk the first time you write on them. i used a new piece of chalk with very sharp edges to “activate” the chalkboard. it actually scraped the paint off at first (if you look closely at the top of the middle bottle you can see the scratches where the paint scraped off). once i softened the chalk (by writing on something else) i didn’t have any other problems.


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