oreo truffles

get in my belly!  these oreo truffles are to.die.for.  i’m sure you’ve seen these on pinterest and i think almost every blog that gives dessert recipes has the same recipe!  so here it is: (who knows who invented it!)


1 package of oreos

8oz package of cream cheese

melting chocolate (white or dark)

mash the oreos as much as possible.  i put them in a bag and mashed, then put it in a bowl and mashed.  it would have been so much easier to just put it in the cuisinart!  keep a little off to the side if you want to sprinkle it on top of the truffles.  then mix in the cream cheese.  now, make the balls and place onto wax paper.  pop them in the fridge or freezer to harden.  i put them in the freezer for max 10 minutes and they were fine.  finally, i just plopped a bunch of the balls into the white chocolate, gently stirred them around with a spoon, put them on the wax paper and sprinkled the extra oreo on top.


the best part about using the white chocolate with the oreo sprinkled on top is that you don’t feel the need to have the white chocolate coating perfect…no one will see if some of the truffle mixed with the coating!

these were so easy and so tasty!  i’m definitely making these again!



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